Waves Collection

Authentic jewelry pieces, designed by META MONACO handmade in Monte-Carlo. 

Somewhere in the seven seas. perched on an enchanted rock guarded by a coral reef and a kelp forest, lived magical people. They were known as the pearls of our universe. Who through their vitality spread waves of positivity. They reached the Rock while on a sunlight journey lead by a golden honeybee. Upon arrival it circled above an octopus in the sea that released ink. It revealed a message in the waves that said “love is the way”. The seahorses around the Rock protected this promise of happiness. The energy of the pearls was so pure the seahorses all bowed to welcome the divine beings. Grateful, the pearls did indeed live in love for ever after.

Somewhere in the seven seas lives magic

Where beauty never fades 

Where harmony is gold

And where Love is the Way

~ ~ Waves ~ ~