Seahorse Necklace in 18k Gold

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Bubbles everywhere! Uh dada! Here comes the cavalry. Headed through the red corals. Dressed from head to toe in gold armor. Tails coiling then uncoiling as they advance at a graceful step. A little one trumpets with its minuscule snout. All stop at once. Line up in formation. Bow. Now they race to claim a branch. Tails wrapped around the coral anchor the sea dragons as the gentle current swings them from side to side. What’s the sight of happy seahorses? Bliss under the sea!

Seahorse by META is an irresistibly cute necklace handmade in our Monte-Carlo workshops using ethically sourced 18k yellow gold. The Seahorse is not only a beautiful aquatic creature it also happens to be a symbol of unconditional love because when seahorses fall in love they stay in love and loyal to one another forever. They’re also full of magic, since antiquity the Greeks and Romans have praised the seahorse as a symbol of good fortune. How about it for a talisman? Seahorses have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. With its horse-shaped head, little snout, and curling tail, they peacefully live in seagrass meadows and around sponges and soft coral, including in the Hudson River, they even have been spotted underneath the Brooklyn Bridge! The Seahorse necklace by META is charged with love and handmade with a passion for excellence in magic Monte-Carlo.

Wear it solo or pair it with other META jewelry pieces from the collection to complete the look.

  • Designed in magic Monte-Carlo
  • Locally Handmade
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Pendant 27 mm tall
  • On a 16.5" | 42 cm chain
  • A jewel created with a passion for excellence
  • Marked META


Presented in a META jewelry box that includes a protective META travel pouch.


Love is the way