About us

META offers 3 floors of state of the art exhibition space with exceptional facilities. The Gallery has been designed to accommodate the most delicate high profile works.

Please contact us to schedule your visit by email contact@meta.mc or call +33 6 51 65 92 80

Love is the way

In ancient Greek 'meta' means beyond. It emphasizes a lifestyle of openness, freedom and elevation. 

With META you shop and buy truly unique and amazing pieces

Our META brand jewelry, design and leather creations are original designs. Each and every piece is individually, authentically and emotionally crafted. They're always patiently handmade in a sustainable manner. All materials are ethically sourced.

Monaco's 1st concept gallery

At our flagship exhibition space by the beach in Monte-Carlo, we fuse art, jewelry and design with technology. An experimental projection lab is entirely dedicated to video art.

From fine arts to contemporary

For select clients META offers masterpieces from exceptional antiques to contemporary artists of global significance with the expertise to provide the highest quality advice and execution.

Monaco discretion & privacy guaranteed
Private viewings available
Bespoke service for villas, hotels, yachts