The Art of meditation in Monaco

A contemplative experience to soothe the soul and master erratic emotions.

True well-being

Every life starts with birth, growth and strength, then come old age, weakening and disintegration. It's how transitory our human dimension is by nature; transforming ceaselessly. The world itself is ever changing. Therefore, when we are attached and hold on to our psycho-physical individuality or our worldly surroundings craving and thirsting, we apply a recipe for frustration; like trying to grasp water in a stream.

All that is impermanent belongs to the current of becoming. It is a limited time illusion that constantly fools our emotions. Through detachment from it using proven ancient techniques we can stimulate autonomous mental stability. It is the way to durable happiness because lastingly enjoying life requires a balance within so we can connect positively to the world. This is the absolute measure of true well-being. Self-mastered contentment leaves us at peace with ourselves and allows us to relax. Serenity is aim, benchmark and reward because it lets us rest with inner harmony.

Meditation is remedy

Every reality is a symbol, so when we feel down, we’re facing the consequence of murky inner darkness. Particularly in today’s age of productivity and connectivity generating considerable emotional pressure, our intimate dimension gets all too often caught in the fog of stress and agitation. It makes us live like under somber cloudy skies. The extra effort required to ease off drains our energy.

Many might turn to temporary external reliefs such as alcohol, drugs or satisfying some obsession, but once their effects have worn off the misery returns if not worse. In fact, for everyone the solution lies within and regular practice of Self-focused meditation is the most efficient remedy.

Connecting with our Self enjoying the world

Peacefulness comes with the knowledge of our Self. It also helps grasp the vaster world. In essence earth, water, fire and the air elements are manifestations of larger cosmic forces to which our physical body relates through subtle interconnection. And just like the Sun shines in the greater dimension so our higher Self is the enlightening factor that radiates inside of us.

This superior source of clarity we all possess, but have difficulty to reach is the realm of being, our lasting stable aspect. Dissipating the clouds to re-connect with it is key to attain internal consistency. It also enables us to fully embrace the magic of existing in the wider celestial order.

From love to meditation

Take love as a metaphor; without opening up we cannot make ourselves available to its power. Latent or actualized, love means openness to deeper harmony and energy. It provides a direct experience of extreme ecstasy and reveals incredible inner potential. Incomparable well of positive disposition, when we open up to it love emerges from the depth joyfully beaming.

In a similar way, yet rather actively than passively, we have to turn inside and by meditating induce elevated Self-presence. Doing so, we bring along deep-seated coherence within. Through Self-centered meditation we gain substance and strengthen internally, making unbiased interaction with the outer sphere possible. Thus, we too can turn into an incomparable well of positive disposition as our Self emerges from the depth joyfully beaming.

Ancient ways and contemporary art means

At META, to build this profound inner joy we combine the most ancient techniques with a particular approach to visuals and sound. The spiritual experience created generates relaxation in combining specific traditional meditation instruments with original purpose-made video art.

Ultra contemporary, this 'life is art and art is life' happening focuses on overcoming all emotional and outside worldly pressure armed with undiluted clarity, sincerity and Self-awareness.

META’s unique meditative sessions offer a liberating contemplative moment where participants find balance, their masterpiece within.