The Earth Leather and Olive Wood Purse

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One with nature. The Earth Purse by META is a work of art with an aura like no other of absolute artisanal excellence. Authenticity at its best, it is patiently handmade with love at our workshop by the sea on avenue Princesse Grace. Channeling Mediterranean elegance in the materials selected for the creation of the purse, the finest leather quality is combined with a magnificent piece of olive wood put in place for the handle. Extensive hours of labor went into the creation of the Earth purse. Each hand cut leather strip is delicately guided by hand into an intricate interweaving pattern. A luxurious leather color in our signature sand tone completes the poetic approach to this masterpiece with softness. The handle is an exceptional piece of olive wood from Provence entirely hand carved and hand polished by META. A luxurious mélange that awakens an immediate sense of timelessness. Forever embracing the magic of the Mediterranean, the force of classic and contemporary aesthetics, and the spirit of META Monaco. The Earth purse is an ode to the elements with a nod to elegance.  

Measurements (approximate) W 25cm H 29cm (including handle)