Octopus Necklace Pendant in 18k Gold

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Under the sea a kaleidoscope of colors approaches. What is it? A cloud of ink hides in a blur the curious creature. The lovely hues fade to unveil— an octopus! Now blushing with a shy little smile. Oh, what’s that it’s writing in the sand? “LOVE IS THE WAY"

This sleek and chic octopus necklace by META is a jewel of timeless elegance. Emblematic of the Mediterranean Sea, it is patiently handmade with love in 18 karat yellow gold. Destined for any occasion, live your Mediterranean dream with a touch of seaside elegance.

  • A jewel created with a passion for excellence
  • Designed in magic Monte-Carlo
  • Locally Handmade
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Pendant 21 mm tall, 21 mm wide
  • On a 17.8" | 45.3 cm chain
  • Marked META

Presented in a META jewelry box.

Octopus by META Monaco

A unique necklace inspired by the master of disguise, the fascinating octopus who lives in the magic realm of water, although it can walk on dry land. In his 1973 book Octopus and Squid: The Soft Intelligence, Jacques Cousteau tells this charming story: “Our friend Gilpatric ... brought an octopus home and put it in an aquarium, which he then covered with a heavy lid. A short time later, the aquarium was empty, and Gilpatric found the octopus going through his library, book by book, turning the pages with its arms.” Octopuses are impressively smart and they keep themselves busy. They can solve puzzles, recognize human faces, navigate mazes, and even open childproof bottles. In the 1990s, a biologist gave plastic pill bottles to the octopuses in his lab. Once they learned the bottles weren’t edible, all of the octopuses lost interest— except for one. A female octopus used her funnel to push the bottle to the opposite end of her tank. The water current pushed it back, and again, she pushed the bottle away. After repeating the move 18 times, the biologist had no doubt: The octopus was playing a game of bouncy ball. The octopus is an expression of femininity, a symbol of seduction, it has charm and grace, it’s a beautiful enigma. The META Octopus is a talisman handmade in our Monte-Carlo workshops with a passion for excellence. Let the games begin, love is the way!